Snack break, delicious and nutritious and contains 7grams of protein and 8grams of fiber per serving. One of my most important tasks is planning my snacks

– @luz_m MommaX2,<br> Yoga Student & Teacher and poet.<br>

What a great protein snack. I just sampled the salt and vinegar flavor, and so far so yummy!

– Elana Pruitt<br> @coolveganmama <br>

I wish I could quit these things!!! They’re just the right amount of salty, crunchy and spicy. The 14 grams of protein and 16 grams of fiber I’m getting really make me happy too. Yum!

– Corie Cameron <br>@coriecameron

When I was growing up, Roasted Fava Beans was one of my favorite snacks. Back then, it was called Pop Beans. Feeling nostalgic right now.
Thank you.

– Rozelyn DeSagun <br>@thefrugalistamom <br>

Love these things! Finally–a snack that’s good for you, and not too heavy on the calories/carbs.

– Amazon customer

I’m a fan of the salt & vinegar variety. My whole family loves them too. They are great to pack with school lunches, as a nut-free snack, that contains protein and fiber.

– Amazon customer

Delicious and truly allergy free. It seems that I’m allergic to everything and I can eat these. It is so hard to find a crunchy snack that is allergy free and tasty! They are kind of like corn nuts in texture.
I like all three flavors! Filling and a great source of fiber. Thank you so much for having this product!

– Amazon customer

I love this snack! They are much more filling and healthy than potato chips and they are much more healthy!

– Amazon customer

Great source of protein and yummy! Wasabi & Ginger is my fay. My new favorite snack.

– Amazon customer

Love these–love the fact that it’s high in protein and fiber. This has become my go-to snack. I like all the varieties, but the Wasabi & Ginger is my favorite

– Amazon customer

They’re delicious roasted fava bean snacks! They’re the perfect #nutfree #glutenfree #nonGMO #soyfree #vegan and fiber paced snack that comes in three amazing flavors

@gracesfoodfeed 17, <br>Chicago, mostly healthy food

You know what? I like these. And with all of the peanut allergy restrictions in schools, could be a great option for kids snacks. I realize they’re no option for those avoiding legumes, but #glutenfree and high fiber. I’m thinking about adding them to salads as croutons

Dr. Scott A. Mills <br> Chiropractic / Movement / Food<br>

Ï just discovered these crunchy fava beans by @nutteebean . When I was in London, roasted favas were at the bar snack at a lot of spots, so I was excited to see them packaged here!! Vegan, Gluten free. Allergen free (I have no food allergies, nor am I vegan or G-free, but I love anything yummy AND healthy  and transportable

Abbey Wade <br> @everydaychampagne <br> NC based lifestyle blogger/ Mom and wife

These roasted #favabeans are a delicious crunchy #snack! Add them to your #holiday #cheeseplate or eat them #onthego

@feedyoursister<br> Personal Chef & Foodie, NYC

You know a snack is good when your Hubby steals it and sends you a picture… guess it’s time to order more #NutteeBeansnacs

Amanda <br>@My Gluten Free Miami <br>