Keto Friendly | 5g Net Carbs | No added Sugars

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Favalicious Beans

 Our Favalicious beans have a great nutty flavor, but they’re produced in a dedicated fava facility and we can guarantee they’ve never even met a peanut. I wonder if they’d get along…

Salt & Vinegar

An old school classic, not a has-bean!

Chili & Lime

Is it getting hot in here? The lime arrives just in time to put out the fire starting in your mouth!

Wasabi & Ginger

A BEANORMOUS wasabi punch to the taste buds (in a good way), soothing ginger to make it all okay again.

Fava Bean Snacks that start in a pod and are roasted to crunchy perfection! All natural and 14 grams of plant protein to become your new FAVArite snack.

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Nuttee Bean Co. TM are determined to make you eat your vegetables. We produce snacks that are delicious, nutritious, vegan, gluten free, all

Favalicious Beans The Power Snack.

Favalicious Beans The Power Snack.

Favalicious Beans The Power Snack.

Favalicious Beans The Power Snack.


The Power Snack.

LEVEL UP your snacking GAME with 14 GRAMS of PLANT PROTEIN per bag Favalicious is the fava bean, no-junk, high protein snack you need to power through the day.

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A very special collaboration

We’ve been hard at work in the flavour studio to bring you three chart-topping custom blends that’ll guarantee you never have to wing it with your wings again

It’s a bean, not a nut!

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the people are talking
I love all the products I’ve purchased! I especially love the upgraded hinges that most don’t have!

Carolyn Salzmann Verified Purchase
I love this taco seasoning! I got tired of buying the packets for recipes and this container is a game changer.

Destiny Langwell Verified Purchase
It is amazing how one small packet of Taco Seasoning can charge up leftovers into a whole new meal.

Clara Hany Verified Purchase

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