Chipotle Fava Bean Hummus

Have you ever made your own hummus? It’s so easy, and it tastes amazing. You don’t need any particularly fancy ingredients – just throw everything in a food processor, and you’ve got hummus! This time, we used fava beans instead of the usual chickpeas – fava bean hummus makes a nice change, and it’s just…

Nuttee Bean Co.™ Roasted Fava Beans

Fava Beans! Could it be the ancient legume that has been hiding in clear sight for hundreds of years? The answer is a resounding “YES”! We know ancient cultures including hunters- gathers, dined on wild versions of Fava Beans and the millennium Asians and Mediterranean’s have used Fava Beans as part of their cuisine.

Bean Flavors of the World

Bean Flavors of the World Today, the world has an enormous selection of foods that are good and healthy. An increasing number of people are carefully watching what they eat and pay attention to different elements of their diets. In terms of nutritional value, we have mentioned in our other blog posts that beans are…

Beans Throughout History

Beans have been historically regarded as a meal for the low income families and were mainly consumed by the lower class, who could not afford to purchase meat. It’s not until the United States experienced the sacrifice and troubling times of the Great Depression that beans were considered a staple in most American homes.

Ancient Beans

Ancient Beans Beans have been a fundamental part in the lifestyle of many cultures throughout history. Their significance has been documented back to ancient Egypt along with classical texts as the expansion and their importance has grown over time. From ancient times to present day, beans have influenced cultures across the world. According to Republic…